Insurance For Businesses in Frisco, North Dallas, & the DFW Area

We are very well versed in understanding the needs of small businesses. In addition to being a small business ourselves, we're extremely active in the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, which has enabled us to maintain healthy relationships with hundreds of local small business owners. Protecting investments in a small business is crucial to their success, and insurance helps protect their assets. We are licensed in 40 states and also have hundreds of clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Consider these options to safeguard your small business:

  • Business Auto: Non-personal coverage for business vehicles is essential whether you or your employees are behind the wheel. Coverage for personal vehicles used for business purposes, such as employees driving their own cars, is equally important.
  • Data Recovery: In this information age, businesses rely heavily on data regarding customers, finances, products and services. Data losses or breaches can be devastating, but insurance coverage can help you recover.
  • Employment Practices: Claims of discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment are on the rise. While some of these claims are legitimate, some are not. Having insurance coverage for various employment practices helps protect you against charges from both current and former employees.
  • Extended Coverage: Having insurance beyond the basic limits can be a smart choice. For example, extending coverage for equipment failures or for loss of income could save a lot in the long run. There are also specialty insurance products tailored to specific business types that can further enhance your protection.
  • Liability: This insurance protects you if anyone is injured on your business premises or if employees happen to cause injuries. It also protects against injury claims that result from your products or services. Liability insurance covers you in the event of employee dishonesty as well, including theft, fraud, forgery or other deceitful practices.
  • Property: Business property insurance protects your business location as well as the contents and materials that contribute to daily functions, including inventory, computers, equipment and more. Theft, fire, acts of vandalism and natural occurrences are all covered. You may also be covered for loss of income due to a qualified incident and for equipment breakdowns.
  • Workers' Compensation: This protects your workers and your business against injuries on the job. State laws allow employees to receive fair compensation for accidents; they also protect business owners from unfair judgments against them.

Call one of our friendly agents today to learn how we can help your business run smoothly, despite ever-changing conditions.