Child Care Division

The members of our Child Care Division have been protecting early education centers for over 20 years.  We want to protect yours too!  Learn more.


Business insurance protects your hard work and investment in many ways. Property, liability and commercial vehicle insurance are just a few examples. Learn more.

Medical Malpractice

Are you looking for Medical Malpractice insurance, a new Medical Malpractice insurance agent, or simply seeking answers?  Learn more.

IT Insurance

If you are an IT professional, we specialize in your insurance needs. We have General Liability policies and Work Comp policies.  Learn more. 

Auto & Home

Auto and Home insurance assists with various accident expenses and protects your home and your personal property.  Learn more. 

Life & Health

Life insurance takes care of your family when you're no longer able to. Certain types may also provide assistance during your retirement years. Learn more.

The Meaning Of "Aleaf"


Aleaf Insurance Agency was formed after a husband and wife duo were so compelled by the negative impact corporate America had on their lives that they decided to leave it all behind and turn over a "new leaf". With a strong passion to be part of a business that treated its team opposite of the way they had been treated in their corporate roles, they decided to begin Aleaf Insurance Agency to:

  1. Build a green company - paperless and considerate of the environment.
  2. Provide them with job security and the ability to make their own schedule.
  3. And finally, to be 110% focused on customer service.

A green leaf was chosen as the forefront for the logo to represent the agency’s green initiative.  The letter “A” was chosen for the beginning because it is the first letter in the Hebrew, Aramaic and English alphabet.  It also just happened to be that some of the letters coincided with a loved one’s initials.  Thus, the perfectly suited name for the agency, ALEAF, was born. 


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